The products of GoodMills Hungary are characterized by constant quality, hygiene of the highest standard and uncompromising food safety. That is the reason why we have been a partner of a number of domestic bakeries, plants manufacturing bakery products and the domestic plants of companies producing for the domestic and international markets.

Producing flour of consistent and reliable quality is an extremely complex process which requires a number of variables to be taken into account and managed – actually, this is the job of a miller.
Our millers need to know what they will use the flour for, so that they can ‘engineer’ the inner and outer characteristics as well as the specifications of the flour.
Producing perfectly and reliably performing flour requires extraordinary care, unique expertise and state-of-the-art production systems, including the close inspection of grain supplies, the on-going monitoring of certain flour production processes, full compliance with the relevant specifications and the testing of flour qualities in quality assurance laboratories.

Our extensive product portfolio is based on the production sheets of several flours produced in 24 mills in seven countries for meeting the needs of various customer segments all over Europe.

Our product portfolio includes traditional flours, customer-specific flour mixtures and functional flours which serve as ideal ingredients for certain pasta types or bakery goods.
Our offering is further enhanced by the fact that we mill rye, spelt and durum wheat, in addition to traditional bread wheat.