Career at GoodMills Hungary

Our credo is based on the belief that our employees are a competitive advantage for us because they own knowledge and are unique resources that cannot be duplicated easily, as a consequence, our staff play a prominent role in the life of our company. This is also reflected in our values, for our most valuable assets are our employees and the team (spirit).

We aim at ensuring that the right person gets the right position within the organization. We support and encourage behaviours open to development and proactive attitudes, thus achieving better and better results.

We are an employee-centred organization that is able to ‘think in individuals’ as well. We provide decent working conditions characterized by utmost transparency.

We are truly proud of our traditional industry, the several decades of experience we have gained in it and our new mills equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. The production of safe and excellent quality food is what gives meaning to our work. Our employees work responsibly to produce high quality food, for we are aware of the importance thereof.

Our company has a nationwide coverage with its products: we have 5 premises where production and office activities are carried out. We recruit and select employees who are not only looking for a job but also a career and a passion, for this is what characterizes us. We do all this in line with and to achieve our business goals.