Legal and ethical business Compliance

Responsible behaviour and compliance with existing legal requirements are of utmost importance for the GoodMills Group. It applies to everyone, including the management, the CEOs, the leaders of our company and the employees as well. However, in everyday business conduct and when maintaining business relations with other companies, not only the relevant laws and regulations must be complied with but also ethical values that are to be observed by the members of the group of companies.
Our Business Compliance Regulation binds GoodMills Hungary to be committed to observing the principles of transparent management, ethical and appropriate behaviour as well as those in connection with the handling of information and corporate assets.
Compliance with these contributes to the proper functioning of business processes and the sustainable operations of the company.

The content of the Business Compliance Regulation serves as a basis for successful and professional cooperation within and beyond the group of companies. Our Business Compliance Regulation has been aligned along the following principles:

  1. Legal compliance
  2. Non-discrimination
  3. Fair competition
  4. Giving and accepting unreasonable compensation, gifts and invitations
  5. Conflict of interest
  6. Donations and sponsoring
  7. Information management

You can find the full text of our company’s Business Compliance Regulation here.